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Our Mission Statement

To foster productive social, cultural, educational and economic relationships between black people of the United States and people of developed nations of Africa.

Our Values

    • Diasporic and community focus in the spirit of Ubuntu
    • Enlightenment through an African-centered lens
    • Aspire to expand the liberation of all people in mindset and social construct
    • Seek to harness spirituality, positive energy, and love to activate and maintain self-healing
    • There is power in service and ADU is an effort to effectuate collective impact at the community, regional, national, and global levels
    • Unlearning cultural norms is essential to decolonization

Primary Objectives

  • Build general awareness of developed African States, particularly among US citizens;
  • Create cross-Atlantic cooperation among entrepreneurs, corporations, social service agencies, academia and cultural institutions of predominantly black communities to strengthen weak market neighborhoods in the United States and Africa;
  • Inform foreign policy objectives of the United States that promotes mutually beneficial collaboration with developed African nations;
  • Increase mutual understanding of societal dynamics, wealth building strategies, culture, spirituality and institutions.